Magnitude and Bond

It matters that we be each other’s magnitude and bond.


Contributed by H. L. Hix

Nothing Simple

It matters that we not pretend things are simpler than they are, no matter how much we wish they were.


Contributed by H. L. Hix


It matters that our young people have human, respectable models.


Contributed by Renée Ashley


It matters that we answer hate with literature and art.


Contributed by Jee Leong Koh

Live By Words

It matters that those who love and live by words resist opportunistic distortions of meaning, fact, and language, and stand together for free speech, inclusion, artistic expression, and pursuit of truth.


Contributed by Laura-Gray Street


It matters, collective U.S. susceptibility to anti-intellectualism.


Contributed by H. L. Hix

Us vs. Them

Khomeinism and Trumpism are two sides of the same coin: the ideology of Us Versus Them.


Contributed by Majid Naficy


It matters that compassion guides all those who have influence over the lives of others.


Contributed by Walter Cummins

The Peaceful Majority

It matters that we not let the violent minority represent the peaceful majority.


Contributed by Diana Arterian

No Exchange Rate

It matters that we try to stay awake, that we never lose trust in the basic goodness of life, and that we remember our higher allegiances to one another.


Contributed by Yahia Lababidi