Erín Moure on Letting Writing Change Us

There is nothing difficult in what I do in writing, or in my poetry.  In the head of the reader who can’t let go of their own certainties, there could be, I surmise, a struggle at times in reading my work.  My work provokes their struggle, and on purpose, at times.  But the difficulty is not in my poetry.  Just as my difficulty with carpentry is not in carpentry!


I think we have to allow writing to change us.  Even to learn to read at all, we have to let writing change us.


This statement by Erín Moure is a portion of her answer to a question about accessibility in poetry, posed her by Megan Kaminski.
Megan Kaminski.  “Interview with Erín Moure.”  Denver Quarterly 46:2 (2012): 54-60.

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